It's all about the experience at our Bedfordshire bridal shop, Dolly's Bridal Boutique.

Hello!  This is my first blog so thank you very much for reading.  It's been nearly 3 months since our Bedfordshire bridal shop finally opened it's doors to brides-to-be across Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

When I got married myself last year, I was thoroughly disappointed with the experience (read a taster of my experiences on the 'about us' page of our website).  This experience (or lack of) inspired me to open a Bedfordshire Bridal Shop with with a focus on giving an 'experience'.  Dolly's Bridal Boutique is a bridal shop that is based in Chicksands, Shefford in Bedfordshire.  Having been in the position of being an actual bride-to-be very recently, I have complete empathy with those of you preparing to visit a bridal shop in the quest to find your dream wedding dress.  It is so completely nerve wracking.  You have never done this type of dress shopping before so you feel anxious and don't know what to expect.

The sort of questions that were going through my mind when I was shopping for my wedding dress were 'what sort of wedding dress will suit me?' 'will I have to get changed in front of somebody at the bridal fitting?' 'how do bridal fittings actually work?' 'will I be too curvy for the sample wedding dresses?' 'what if I don't find my dream dress?'

There are so many questions going through a Bride-to-be's mind and I genuinely know how it feels.

At Dolly's Bridal Boutique I aim to immediately put our customers at ease.  Our Bedfordshire Bridal Shop is relaxed.  We have music on, we put the kettle on or pop the cork off the Prosecco and we have a really good chat before we start looking at wedding dresses, which can, for some Bride-to-be's, be overwhelming.  It is at this point that I really try and alleviate any nerves and anxiousness that I know Brides-to-be will be feeling.  By really understanding more about my Brides-to-be and their style and venues for their wedding, it can really help me to help them find their dream wedding dress.  As an example, if you are having a destination wedding, particularly if you are planning a wedding somewhere hot and sunny, you'll probably want a less full, more lightweight wedding dress rather than a large ball gown.  You'll perhaps want to bear in mind the material of your wedding dress as it might be an idea to choose something non-creasing.

I think it is so important to listen and to make Brides-to-be feel comfortable.  There are lots of bridal shops across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire but if you visit a bridal shop that doesn't take the time to listen, you may end up disappointed by the whole experience.

After chatting, listening, tea drinking and fizz sipping our brides-to-be tend to be now much more 'at home' and relaxed and ready for the fun part which is exactly as it should be!

If you are a Bride-to-be looking for your dream wedding dress, please do come and visit our Bedford bridal shop, we promise you a great experience.  Click here Click here to get in touch or book your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and your Bride Tribe!

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